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Micronations the Movie

Got some more interesting news recently from Lonely Planet about the Micronations book that I was lucky enough to help write. According to the email they sent me, the guide book company was:

approached by Universal pictures regarding selling the rights to Micronations for a possible movie deal. Well after some time the contract is about to be signed.
There has been interest from a production house and apparently Jack Black has shown some interest too, however the steps towards an actual 'move in production' phase is some way off.

Okay so this deal actually means little to us authors as we signed away any rights and it's still a long way before any kind of film gets made, but the idea of people starting their own country seems like an ideal screenplay idea.

My pick for a movie would have to be a Whangamomona, a town that didn't like being bumped around by local councils who wanted to shift them to another region (which would mean playing rugby for another team) so they started their own damn nation. They call New Zealand their surrounding neighbour and are appropriately located on the Forgotten World Highway. But the real story is one of a titanic struggle for presidency that's played out over much drinking on Republic Day. Perhaps the drinking is the reason why they've elected a charming old bikie called Murt, a poodle and a goat as their presidents. Either way, it's got all the drama and action to be a Southern Hemisphere West Wing.