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In Other Words: Dadvocate

A little known dadvocate is unearthed in
Darth Vader and Son
, an important
fathering text by Jeffrey Brown

It’s not enough to just raise your kids to not eat their own snot – today the parent is the political as dadvocates push forward the case for active fathering. Author Jeff Sass reckons iPads are bested by iDads as the latter has better battery life though memory decreases in older units. Not to mention the danger of their dad jokes going viral.

But you don’t have to be male to wear the mantel. Author of parenting bible What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Heidi Murkoff calls herself a dadvocate and included a whole chapter in the latest edition dedicated to proactive papas. One day dadvocates may even dream of having a book of their own.

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