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Nocember the too-much month

Nocember is the cruellest month - no matter what TS Eliott says. It masquerades as two months but long ago blurred into one which crams in too many events to reasonably attend. Worst of all it forces bloggers to do wap-up blogs as there's not enough time to attend and blog.

Here's my pre-Christmas fast forward:
This Annoying Opening
Kicking off on 19th of November, Paul Oslo Davis' show This Annoying Life showcases his illustrations particularly his Overheard series in the Sunday Age that joins conversational snippets with his minimalist style. The poster is characteristic of his style - several bitter dancing couples exchanging lines like "Let's play hide the resentment" or "Let's run away in opposite directions". It's humanity at it's best and bleakest.

It was a crowded little space with most of the fun in watching people making the connection between text and images. Some of the city's best cartoonists were along to raise a beer to Oslo and look at the works. The exhibition is still running at Lamington Drive gallery.

The Launch We Found
Express Media launched Voiceworks' 21st anniversary anthology, The Words We Found, with two launches. I went to the under-18s launch at Signal, a new arts space in a former signal shed just by the Yarra.

The launch featured Express' patron, John Marsden showing off his very first dictionary and anthology editor Lisa Dempster talking about how she squeezed 21 years into one book. I may be biased from being on the board of Express, but it's surprising who Voiceworks has featured over the years.

XXI Visible Launches
Also in Nocember, RMIT's professional writing and editing diploma celebrated 21 years with the launch of XXI Visible Inks. The book selects pieces from a long history of annual anthologies featring MJ Hyland, Jeff Sparrow, Chris Wormersley and, erm, me.

My piece in the anthology is embarassingly underdeveloped, but the editors reckon all the authors they selected said something similar and it's "all about the process". Long-term creative writing teacher Antoni Jach spoke about the early days of the course and many former students helped celebrate that the course and Visible Ink are still thriving.

Tangoing the Launches
Finally (and there's defintely some events I've missed) was the launch of the Tango collection plus the latest in the series: Tango 9 - Love & War. Both books feature a who's who of comic artists with mature ("adult" always sounds wrong here) stories that should appeal to a broader audience. Bernard Caleo has been producing this great comic for years so it's a nice tribute to anthologise (or collectivise?) the first eight.

That about wraps it up for Nocember - with apologies for limited blogging so far this merged month.


  1. Hey, great news about the CAL longlist - go get 'em(it, I suppose)!


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