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So what happened to that junky Soviet car?

I always hate these long navel-gazey posts about people updating their blog template. They usually revolve around some wonky demographics like "Based on my Google Analytics, I thought it was crucial to optimise users from Scandinavia by including more Viking-like navigation and more mentions of the Swedish chef in posts". They're probably only of interest to the people who designed the template. And yet here I am in the middle of one.

It's just a quick word not to adjust your set and that this is still the Hackpacker you were reading last week with a few tweaks for look and functionality. Most of the elements from the old site have been brought over and threw in bookosphere links to bookish bloggers I like or have corresponded with recently. If you're not there apologies and I'll merrily add you if you send me an email. Let me know if there's anything else you're missing or wanting.

I'm steering clear of banners and other images partly because I'm no great shakes at photography but also because my main aim is to steer users (some people even call them readers) towards the words. The insanity of this on the no-time, I'm-already-bored, I-only-have-time-for-pictures-so-quit-bugging-me-with-your-huge-paragraphs web is well documented, but I'm a believer in longer content on the web.

The tragic loss is the beat-up car that has been at the top of my blog for over a year now. It's an old Soviet-style car that someone had driven over the border from St Petersburg that I saw parked in Finland. Farewell it as it sputters and puffs to the great junkyard in the ethernet.


  1. Noooooo! Not the car! Why, hackpacker, why? Can we not have a spoonful of late-Soviet sugar to make the word medicine go down?

  2. Lovely template, yes. I also miss the car, but admire your intentions.


  3. Yes!! Longer content. Please, longer content!

    I'm optimistic that longer content will win the day, despite the well-documented studies.

    It's all quite scary if you believe that what we do with our brains determines the way those brains develop...

  4. It's an awfully grown-up template. I like it a lot. The car was fine but I'm over it now. Remember in online one year is worth five, so that car really had it's time.

  5. Thanks for the thumbs up, ktcardigan. I'm with you on long content, parlance, but we'll see how it goes.

  6. I only have a car at the top of my blog because you did and I thought it was the rules? What are the rules of the internet? Does anyone even KNOW?!

  7. Hee hee. I have no idea on the rules, Scribulator. Am re-thinkng the car though.

  8. I think one rule should be 'one shall not change one's layout more than once a year'. Under this rule,I have to wait to December.Curses! Love the new layout, and am now toying with a 'Cars I Have Loved'.


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