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Rush in Your Street

Today our suburb was over-run or perhaps over-Rushed as a film crew set up at few key streets in the area. Residents were told to stay out of shot (I managed to get told off three times) though most of us just stood back and gawped.

I don't know any of the actors, but what struck me was how many people there were in orange vests surrounding the production. There was a guy who's job it was to wipe the windscreen and another who seemed employed to exclusively clean up coffee cups after each shot.

Security was like that of a presidential motorcade for a shot that lasted less than 30 seconds. The set-up for shots is amazing - one sequence that involved a hoodlum chased until he falls over featured an enormous reflective screen and several crach mats to ensure the actor fell snugly.

Normally I see Rush being filmed around Lonely Planet's Footscray offices, but today Flemington was chosen as the locale for crime sprees. With so much security and fake police it could even reduce crime in our little suburb.

Bad photography courtesy of my dodgey mobile.


  1. when Margaret Simons talked about knowing what happens when the ambulance goes past down the end of your street, I don't think this is what she had in mind...

    My friend's brother is in this show. He was described by an Age journo (can't remember who) as being endearingly 'puppyish'. I still haven't watched it.

  2. @estelle, weirdly Margaret Simons lives not far from where these photos were taken. I think your puppyish friend is featured in my bad photo - unrecognisable by bad pixellation.
    @Rush, it's actually a pretty big show in Australia, you may find you'll get more mentions!
    @genevieve, it was odd because the police seemed to storm a fairly nondescript restaurant as the hive of criminal activity.

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