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Wordsworth is my homeboy

What are the first things you think of when you hear "Lake District"? Probably Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, picnics in the country and maybe squirrels. It's an area known for "pleasant weekenders" and homemade fudge, so most visitors don't come away with memories of gangster rap.

A piece of viral marketing genius featuring MC Nuts (a guy dressed in a squirrel suit) performing a retooled version of Wordsworth's I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud seems to hit the wrong note to publicise this mild district. It was released in 2007 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the poem, but would the fusty poet enjoy this attempt to "engage the YouTube generation"? Judge for yourself:

Personally I hope we can see more of this comin' straight outta the Lakes. The red squirrels have long been involved in a turf war with the more dominant greys and yet not a single beatboxed-backed word has been heard about this gang fight. And it's a real trans-Atlantic smackdown with the greys invading from North America and driving out the reds. It's really bigger than hip hop's traditional East Coast vs West Coast rivalry with it's own martyrs and heroes. What about Potter's Tale of Squirrel Nutkin where the hero loses his tail in what amounts to a intra-gang power struggle with an owl? Surely this deserves to be represented as much as Tupac and Notorious BIG? If nothing else it could bring a new subjects to hip hop as not enough rhymes are based on discovering a particularly nice stretch of daffodils. Eminem better stop and smell the roses.


  1. I love the break dancing! And best jazz flute since Ron Burgundy!

  2. Yes, and some very trippy shots of daffodils. It was official Lakes marketing at one point which seems odd. Also the rhyming of retina and etcetera is gold.

  3. Last time I was in the Lake District (only time, I'll admit), you couldn't move for tourists. Maybe the tourists were all old Wordsworth-loving types and have died off, so they need a new generation of tourists.

    Seems weird that all those oldies didn't take their kids with them and show them how beautiful the area was.

    Wait a minute... don't I remember hordes of kids?


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