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Great Head for Radio

In the spruiking of the Big Trip, I've done a couple of fun radio spots. I was interviewed on the Peter Greenberg show, which was a phone hook-up with the host in Barbados. It zipped by in seconds and had me thinking I should only do destinations where I can tan. Another phone hook-up was with Travel in 10 with a great an excellent Canadian host. And I even got a guernsey on Life Matters with the smooth baritone of Richard Aedy. But none of these was as much fun as getting in the studio with RRR Breakfasters for a chat.

This month Breakfaster, Sam Pang, is off to Russia to cover Eurovision so the good folks at the Rs asked me back to give him some travel tips on Moscow. After much giggling, vodka tasting and scary mentions of Vladimir Putin's KGB career, there might even have been some advice for Sam (this file is 5meg and advice is in the last ten minutes - you've been warned). Mostly though it was just a yukfest with Sam saying I was just "doing a top five" of gags rather than giving him any information he could use. As I was leaving, calls started coming in from what I assumed were complaints from the Russian Australian Association and death threats from Putin's people. Still the beauty of radio is that nobody can see you so it will be a while before the hitmen track me down.

Also this week my article on Australian seasonal menus also appeared. Chefs and cooks alike agreed that Australia doesn't fit the mould for strict seasons and at the moment it's the economic climate influencing their menus more than the mercury.


  1. I was in fits of laughter listening to this. Ah, it was so much fun to have someone stir Sam.

  2. AND I just read your excellent profile on Craig Silvey in The Big Issue. Any more and I shall start calling you Eddie Everywhere.

  3. @ Caitlin, I hope Sam is okay over there...
    @ Lisa, that was such a fun interview to do. I'll post the article here when the next ed of the Big Ish is out - don't want to compete witht he vendors.


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