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Lonely Planet job losses

Today at Lonely Planet, they announced 50 job cuts. It's been a horrible day in the Melbourne office with friends and colleagues made redundant as guidebook sales fall in the economic downturn. It's hard to say too much about this at the moment as people are still feeling the impact, but like many authors I'm sad to hear the news.


  1. No sector seems safe, compadre - unless you count gambling, chocolate and alcohol. These are tremulous times.

    Recently saw a cryptic clue for ALL ORDINARIES that read:

    Jittery dollar: current sign of market measure

    Maybe one needs to know the deeper cryptic art to fathom the clue's workings, but even on the surface the hint is 100% zeitgeist.

    My love, my Lindt, my liquor to all those Planet fallouts.

  2. Any more news on job losses at LP?

  3. @DHA: More news has emerged. I'll post about it soon... I'm trying not to be gossipy as it's people's careers and lives we're talking about. I might do some responses to the Crikey article which was fairly wonky.

  4. It's sad to see many people loss their jobs today. I hope they will find replacements soon.


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