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Still Hackpacking?

Yep, we're still here though last month has been a bit hectic. Mostly it's been about talking up The Big Trip as it hit bookstores in November (and hopefully leaving them too). There was an appearance on Life Matters and a chat on Radio Australia, which all kept me pretty busy. It's been great in terms of publicity, but it'll be a while before we can tell if it has helped sales. Still it's keeping me busy.


  1. is there a section on getting married to a foreigner without telling your family back home? Man I could have used that.

    Hope it's going gangbusters.

  2. Thanks, Scribulator, though I'm not sure we can help with unknown in-laws.

  3. And here was I fearing you'd taken The Big Overdose...

    Good to hear your wit back on the screen, and you're running ragged on the merch circuit. Ka-ching.


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