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New Kevin

This week another politician sent me an email just to say hi. Kevin Rudd wanted to let me know about his new site, Kevin PM. Australia's prime minister said he'll
be using the site to speak frankly with you about the big challenges facing Australia; the global economy, education, climate change, and the health of Australians, but just as importantly it will enable me to hear your ideas for the direction of the nation.

It all sounds very exciting, but when you click through it's a bit thin. You get a welcome video that farewells the Kevin 07 site with some fair dinkum guitar strumming that Aussie politicians envoke as their soundtrack of the genuine. It's always a danger with putting up a new site that has little content that users will switch off, particularly when the Kevin 07 site so successfully riled the Opposition.

As videos go though it's a reasonable waste of a minute of your life and you might even post it on Facebook for Kevin's cheery "G'day" at the begining and his appeal for "our ideas" and calls to "the community".
It's all fine, but where can you comment? There's a form to email Kevin and a chance to join his mailing list (he's already got me), but there's nowhere to give the kind of direct feedback he so desperately seeks in the video.
You have to pop over to YouTube to see some real comments. And when I posted this there was 50 posts ranging from "Onya Ruddy" to "will i still be able to get this Channel when the Aussi 'Internet Filter' comes on line" from a user who compares Australia's telecommunications strategy to that of China or Cuba. My favourite commenter asks:
can i record some soothing acoustic guitar for your next video? you wont have to pay for any rights using tax payers money!
To which the Rudd-moderators hastily remind us that no tax payer dollars were spent on this site and its lack of feedback.


  1. To be frank Kev, you don't have enough social credit with us yet...relationship building with the younger generations takes more than a video on Youtube and a somewhat dubious website.

  2. Phew, Meredith for a second I though you were saying hackpacker didn't have enough social credit...
    Seems like other people are spotting Kevin's nu-meeja antics:


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