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Preying on Cambodia's Forest

During a visit to Cambodia I was lucky enough to break away from the Siem Reap-Phnom Penh trail and stay with film-maker, Jocelyn Pederick, who was training minority people to film their own stories as their cultures were disappearing. Now she's focussing her lense on one of the nation's largest remaining forests.

This video looks at Prey Lang, a forest that over 700,000 Cambodians live off, but is being heavily logged. The video tours through the forest with its residents, the Kuy people, and local rangers, looking at how essential it is to their way of life.

If you liked what you see, head here to vote, but voting closes today so hurry. It's a side of Cambodia most traveller miss in the rush to Angkor Wat, but if current development continues this might be the only place you can see it.