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Neverending festivals

Missed Sedaris at the festival? Wanted to see what Watson is like in the flesh? Over at Slow TV they've put a couple of festival sessions online so the festival can keep going. These readings by Watson and Sedaris (more inflight fun) kick off with David Rakoff, a Canadian working his way into America.

The three readings make an interesting sketch of the States by outsiders who get a better view with distance.

Slow TV is the video version of The Monthly, a magazine that relishes the longer form and gives Australian politics, culture and society a regular examination. Slow TV grabs lectures, debates and talks that last longer than the YouTube attention span. With broadband take-up creeping over 50% in Australia, Slow TV is one of the few Australian outfits creating content for a new audience.

Another festival is looming with the National Young Writers' Festival program up. This year marks ten years of the festival and they've produced Herding Kites, an anthology of writing from the festival which I have a piece in.


  1. Ed: unless you're being hostile, that's David Rakoff.

  2. Thanks, Anon. I knew that name was too good to be true.


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