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Map of Strange

Looking to waste several hours of your work day? Map of Strange is the master of time suckage. Based on Google maps, it's an absorbing series of tags where other people have spotted something a little kooky like a biplane landing on a NY skyscraper or a point where the all-knowing Google maps made a gaff.
And in these times of economic downturn/financial crisis/fiscal armageddon, the sightseeing tab makes for a very cheap world trip. With a few clicks you can get to the Great Wall of China or snuggling among a family of elephants in Chad. The National Geographic tab has the results of a eye-popping survey of Africa including a bazaar that you can zoom in on stalls almost close enought o check the quality of the merchandise. This will definitely kill the work hours until quitting time, but if not hit Map of the Dead, a Google map game centred around University of Southern California if it was over-run by zombies.


  1. Hey, sad thing about that bogus biplane, the whole thing nosedived in California over Halloween:

    Great link, HP. Keep up the geotrivia.

  2. Heh heh, nice garden ornament.
    I only wish the folks at map of strange could zoom in to this level.


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