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King of the Road

According to this article, I've seen 'both sides of the hitch-hiking coin'. I have some happy memories of hitching up to Portree, but I also remember the grim fear as the rain clouds rolled in that no ride would come. There were a few drenchings, but there were a few chats with local farmers and people I'd never have got talking. Similarly I remember giving a Maori kid a lift when I was researching New Zealand and him telling me a tale about the geothermal activity being the stoushes of various gods. That said, pop culture (Wolf Creek, The Hitcher, etc) has plenty of warnings against hitching.

The article also mentioned The Big Trip, a book I wrote all about first-time travel and, although it's not out until November, I found it's already got an Amazon listing. Last time I saw it, it was a collection of Word docs.