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Here's a sample of articles I've written:
Lassoing a Hurricane: Rewriting Social Media Policy, National Library of Australia's Behind the Scenes blog
The Distraction Engine: Digital Detox for Writers, Wheeler Centre website
Finland's Midsummer Madness, BBC Travel
Repeat Offenders - second novel syndrome, Meanjin
Good Deeds or Guilt Trips for ABC Unleashed
Too Soon to Visit Michael Jackson's Death Site? in The Courier Mail and
Seasonally Affected Orders: Changing Menus to Suit the Seasons in i eat, i drink, i work
The Written Image in Meanjin
Bookslut: Q&A with Jessa Crispin in Meanjin blog
A Mini-history of Micronations in The Futurist
Hollywood Downunder in Australian Traveller Magazine
Interview with Paul Auster in Cordite
The Elephanta Suite for Radio National's The Book Show
I Wouldn't Start From Here for Radio National's The Book Show
Short and Sweet: Frank Moorhouse interview for The Age
Going Downer on trans passports for MCV
Flinders Benders for Australian Traveller Magazine
Job Lots for Sydney Morning Herald
Sneaker pimps for The Big Issue/Street News Service

I've blogged professionally for:
Lonely Planet for Scotland and New Zealand

I wrote the regular column In Other Words, a look at new and made-up words for The Big Issue Australia from 2009-2013. I've re-posted a selection of columns.