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Welcome to the Wheeler Centre

A little while ago I wrote about being inside the mouthful that is the Centre for Books Writing & Ideas. A few other people must have been having trouble with the name because it is now the Wheeler Centre.

At a function this morning the curtain slid back to reveal a Lonely Planet founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler. According to the speeches, they're funding top-class or "Melbourne standard" events at the new centre named in their honour. It's all part of their Planet Wheeler foundation.

The first program of events was unveiled in a glossy brochure. The big gig is A Gala Night of Storytelling, which boasts some of Melbourne's biggest personalities from Paul Kelly to John Marsden all telling stories passed down through their families. It's an intimate look at the cities literati. Its an exciting start to Melbourne's biblio-hub.


  1. of the Lonely Planet kind?

  2. Bloghsherpa tag, HEH.
    There is a note on the Literary Saloon website - Michael Orthofer is careful to point out that there is another Wheeler Center (US) in the world. Oh dear.
    (and Lit Saloon here,

  3. The storytelling night looks great. The lineup of 'tellers' is fantastic. If that's the sort of thing the newly-named centre will be promoting, I'm excited.


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