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Big Issue Fiction Ed hits the streets

The Big Issue Fiction edition hit the streets on Friday. Already I've gone out and bought a copy for me and my mum. It features a new work by Cate Kennedy that makes for a vivid blackly funny insight into a community centre that reminded me of a few jobs I've done. There's also YA author Penni Russon with her first major piece for adults that I'm keen to read. Plus Andy Griffiths and Terry denton with an illustrated peak at their follow-up to The Bad Book. Plus the talented Jo Bowers, Alice Pung and more. It's only about for a limited time, so track down a vendor this week or next.


  1. It's a good issue. Lots of well-written and interesting stories.

    I am convinced that short stories are 'the next big thing' in reading popularity. After all, who would have predicted non-fiction being so popular, fifteen years ago?

  2. I was really glad you posted on this, George, or I would not have snaffled it.
    That was a lovely meeting last night! the blog ring needs to be considered. We did not pursue it further, but let's talk some more.


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