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Really going

When do you really know you're really leaving on a trip? In the middle of your day there's the realisation in a month/week/day I'll be in another country. For me there's usually a physical prompt - something that makes me realise I'm leaving.
This week I got the last of my visas, which usually acts as a good nudge. The Russian visa however is the most anti-climactic- grey scrub on your passport though. Oddly it's also the visa that cost the most and required the most organisation. Mongolia just shrugs and charges you next to nothing, while China's does take a little organisation but at least looks impressive once you have it.
Packing is the other big signifier. People are always wanting to know how to pack or what to bring. I have revolutionary method that consists of putting out a bag a week before I go and dropping things into as I think of it. It's best in the loungeroom so you can look over during a commercial break and think "I haven't got a toothbrush. Better do something about that."
And of course there's still the last minute frenzy, but they have shops wherever I'm going so I usually try not to get too worked up about forgetting stuff. However, when I said this to a friend in the middle of the packing frenzy she pointed out "Do these shops sell my passport?"
Which reminds me...


  1. For me, it's at the airport/train station. It just doesn't feel real until then. I'm jealous of your casual packing/preparing style... in the days before I leave for a trip I usually find myself in a panicked frenzy.

  2. Have a lovely time, please blog lots.

  3. Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing your adventures.


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