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Off and racing in Africa

If it's getting hot where you are, spare a thought for the competitors in Tour d'Afrique. This race runs from Cairo to Cape Town across ten sweltering countries at a distance of almost 12,000km. And they're doing it all by bike.

The Lonely Planet team started on January 10 with 2000km ride to be completed by two riders including my colleague Scott Kennedy. Scott has a great account of "cruising past the pyramids" to start the trip, but is currently out of blogging range somewhere in the Sudan.

For a social cyclist like me, it sounds like absolute insanity, but it's all for a good cause - both buying bikes for people along the route, supporting individual charities and raising awareness about cycling. You can donate to individual authors like Mara Vorhees who is riding for the Bicycle Empowerment Network, a Namibian-based group that provides bikes. It's sounds like a great ride and I'm staying tuned for the next leg.


  1. Hey George! thanks for the kind words and the link - i've just arrived home and am busy catching up on things. it was a great trip, real adventure of a lifetime sort of stuff - thanks for tuning in!
    chat soon,


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