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Big Trip Unleashed

It's been a big week for The Big Trip with the book hitting stores in Australia. Readings are giving it a nice mention which if you're in the UK translates into a Waterstones plug. Lonely Planet have created a snazzy promo site for it that lets you flip through the book's various sections. And unnervingly Amazon have a few used copies already - I guess some folks buy and then sell it immediately.

Even so we had a little celebration to wish the book on its way with Brian Thacker, author of the forthcoming Sleeping Around saying some sweet things about the book and even a few readings from some of the folks who were generous enough to contribute. It was a good night as the blurry photography attests, but it's good to know the book shows up well in the dark.


  1. I sadly didn't make it to the launch. The book looks ace though! You should definitely be plugging its glow-in-the-dark attributes as a selling point.

  2. The glow in the dark properties were designed for dark hostel rooms when you're sneaking in late. It could replace the mobile light as the preferred means of backpacker illumination.
    No worries on missing the launch.

  3. I do like the LP site, snazzy indeed! How did you actually launch te book, did you find a hapless looking gapper to smack about the head with it?

  4. A very clever friend of mine suggested we get a backpacker to mooch around confusedly and then slip it into their bag at the end to send them on their way, but the backpacker had to go check out the penguins for the day so we just drank the book on its way instead. All very merry.


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