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Edinburgh and the things we do

Brian Thacker recently had a hilarious post about the things writers do to earn a buck when they're not scribbling. I guess I should come clean on this as well. Sometimes it's advertising copy, sometimes it's proofing a government site and sometimes it's doing video:

Actually it's really good to re-use some of the material you've researched and present it for another media, just as you might write an article for a magazine based on research you've done for a guidebook. With the above video the good folks at LPTV did all the filming and found a lot of great additional footage.

Sure, when you're re-using content there's the obvious issue of overlap and once something's on the web it's international (rather than national or local is you published in a magazine or newspaper), but hopefully writers can find new places to 'publish', which could mean video, podcasting or even blogging. It beats writing advertising copy.

Perhaps I'm being Mr Silver Lining, but shouldn't more media mean more markets for content? Of course, writers may not be the best people to present this material, especially if their criticism of videos is "Does my hair really look like that?" or wondering why you wore that shirt. It is reassuring that even the Braveheart impersonator featured in the video drops his character at the end of this video to ask if it was okay.