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Flight Attendant Tell Alls

There seems to be a real appetite for tell-all books. While researching a book about first-time travel, I stumbled on another tell-all genre: flight attendants. How often have you wondered what flight attendants are gossiping about while they're preparing your chicken or beef? This monologue has a few insights including "Flight Attendants who point to the exits with their middle fingers" and more vivd revenge fantasies for bad passengers. Another page looks at contained antipathy between flight attendants and the cockpit with the pilot's catchcry of "First Class doesn't stop at the cockpit door" and some urban myths about roadkill on the runway.

Sadly this site trails off after 2002. Was it an airline injunction? Or did post-9/11 security mean that we lost our sense of humour about flight attendants? There have been a few bright spots such as the book and blog, You f'coffee, Sir?, but they seem to be disappearing on the web.

Dressing right
Ever wondered what they were wearing on Qantas in the 1990s? Uniform freak has a disturbingly large back catalogue of outfits.


  1. Hiya Hackpacker chick! It's us, Liz and Jue!!! A friend told us you had mentioned our book on here, and we are dead chuffed! Whoever you are, and where ever in the world you are, a huge thank you from us! You can have free drinks at our companies expense! (Jue has just pointed out that they are free anyway, so we'd be thrilled to upgrade you as long as you are dressed suitably.)

    Well, that's fab pet, glad you liked our book and a new one is coming out soon, plus a new dead brill project we've been working on!

    Big hugs, and fly smiling, cos' we have to!

    Liz & Julie x


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