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Are you a hackpacker?

What is hackpacking? It's hard to put a finger on. More one of those "know it when you've seen it" deals.

Wondering if you're a hackpacker, then then take this simple quiz:
- Have you ever found yourself at a laptop at 4am typing up notes that you wrote only four hours ago yet still cannot read?
- Are most of your memories of great world cities about their photocopying shops or free wi-fi hotspots? bonus points if you've ever taken photos of particularly good internet cafes.
- True or false: rental car companies are the devil's work and will try to stick you for a dint in the beverage holder if you don't watch them and triple-photocopy every piece of paperwork.
- Ever found yourself swiping jam sachets from a B&B dining room because they might come in handy when evoking the atmosphere of the place?
- Do most of your friends have to be reminded who you are with prompts like "Y'know the guy who sends you the postcards" or "I'm sorry I woke your kid up so early, but I had work to do".
- Have you ever had to sneak into a hotel to check out if they REALLY have tea and coffee making facilities or if it's just some marketing fast-talking?
- Passports are:
a) kinda funny
b) made for losing
c) somewhere in my bottom drawer I've just got to sift through two years worth of receipts to get to it
d) for other people - you usually fake working for INTERPOL by cheekily waggling your eyebrows at Customs
- Have you ever snorted instant coffee just to keep yourself awake?
- Are hotel checkout times real? Discuss with detailed reference to the tea-and-coffee-making facilities.

If you answered "I'm too busy for this kind of survey nonsense" to two or more of the above questions then chances are you know where I'm coming from.